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Please use the sidebar Index to search for instructions or scroll to the corresponding membership you have

Before you interact with the site, we suggest you update your profile including your image and details so people know who you are.

NABA Visitor

Update your profile

Under My NABA on the menu bar, find profile.

Once you are in your profile screen,you can either change your profile picture or update your information.

Reply to a forum

When in a group homepage, click the "forums" tab. If you have are logged in with an activated account you can post your reply in the content box.

Update your status

Under My NABA, on the menu bar, you can find "profile".

Send a friend request, message, or find a member.

Hover over My NABA found on the menu bar on any page, click members, and search by name or tradition. You can also friend request members you find in groups.

Comment on or find an event

On the menu bar, click events. You can use the grey arrows above the event to navigate months.  Click the highlighted day and you will display the event.


NABA Participant

This is the account that comes with NABA Group Membership. If you are a representative of an existing NABA Group follow the instructions at the bottom of the page titled "Claiming your group". Before you claim your group you must sign up for this account on the membership page. Include all of the above abilities of NABA visitor, plus:

Submit an event

On the menu bar under My NABA, select "Submit an event"

Feature an event

On the menu bar under My NABA, select "Submit an event".

From there, follow the instructions given.

Join a group

First, find a group you would like to join through the Group Directory. Below the title and description of the group, you will find a "Join Group" button. Depending on the settings of the group, you will either be joined instantly or need to wait for approval.

Start a forum topic in any group

You must first be a member of the group you would like to post in. To do so, navigate to Group Directory found on the menu bar then search for the group you would like to post in. Once on your group homepage, select the forums tab.  Use the boxes provided to post your topic.

Send a friend request

Under My NABA, select members. From here you can scroll through all registered members or use the search option to find someone specific.



NABA Group Membership

If you have registered your group with a Group Membership account, you should first create a group then update the information.

Create a Group

Click the Member Groups button on the menu bar, once there, under the search bar, click "create a group". You can upload your photo, groups description, and practice schedule. To further customize your group like assigning moderators or making your group by request only, learn how to manage your groups settings.

Update your group information

See "Managing your group settings"


Managing your group settings

To manage your group, go into your group homepage by hovering or clicking "My NABA" on the menu bar then press "Groups". Scroll below your profile information and click on the title of your group. This is your group homepage.

From here you can manage and interact with every aspect of your group. Start a forum, group chat, change your picture, set moderators for your forums, send invites, approve membership, set your group as public or private...

Under the manage tab, you will see the following options:

  • Details
  • Settings
  • Photo
  • Members
  • Practice Schedule, Contact, and location
  • Forum
  • Extras
  • Delete
Create an event

To submit an event to be displayed on our calendar press the My NABA button on the menu bar then click "Submit an event" Follow the instructions provided.

Public/Private Group/Invitations

Open your manage tab then click settings. As a public group, anyone with a NABA account can join your group. Set your group to private to enable join group requests. You will still show up in the group directory and search results if private group is enabled. You can also choose who can send and approve membership requests.


Roles and Moderators

To change a users role, go to the manage tab on your group homescreen and press members. You can change their roles from there. only group administrators have the power to promote members to moderators, or to ban individual users from the group

Administrators control all aspects of the group including payment, creation, and deletion of groups.

Moderators can send invitations if your group is set as private, moderate the forums(approve/delete comments) , and accept new members.

Group members can view or join any forum and chat.


Sending an invitation to join your group

You must first friend request. Once you are friends with the person you would like to invite, navigate to your group homepage and select the Send Invites button.

Claiming your group

If you are a representative of one of the original 29 member groups and have yet to create a profile for this site, yet your group is displayed, please join with the Participant Membersip. After you are a member, please join your group. Once you do, please send us an email at with your NABA profile name to claim your account.