august, 2017

25aug - 28All DayNorth American Learning Expedition with Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey


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All info. here: These potent times in our lives and world stretch and inspire us to expand the scope of our capacity for learning, wisdom, mindfulness and heart-fullness, in order to skillfully respond to the enormous challenges and embrace the profoundly inspiring opportunities we are being offered. As the circumstances of our lives, world, society, economy, and environment become ever more disrupted in these “VUCA” times of increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, it is becoming increasingly clear that to thrive – in what is also being called “The Time of the Great Unraveling” and “The Time of the Great Turning” – “business as usual” will not be sufficient for any of us, our organizations, or communities. As Einstein reminds us, the solutions to the complex challenges in our lives and world will not be found at the same levels of thinking or consciousness that created them! A substantially new level of consciousness is needed if humanity is to survive – and thrive – and the means to personally and collectively realize these new levels of consciousness are available for anyone sufficiently motivated to learn and practice them.


We envision this Learning Expedition as an intimate, in-depth, on-going, reflective, embodied, and practice-oriented learning community made up of a cohort of diverse, caring, kindred souls coming together to form a mutually nourishing community of practice dedicated to bringing benefit to the fields of influence, communities, and organizations that we serve. Given the rich mix of complex forces at play in our lives and world at this time, this learning expedition will be deeply inspired by the principles and practices of creative altruism associated with the archetype of the Bodhisattva ideal – a universal orientation embodied and expressed through the Dalai Lama’s shining example of a fierce dedication to awaken to our True Nature and Highest Potentials in order to inspire, activate, and awaken those latent potentials within all beings. Our vision is that the benefit, inspiration, and blessing that each of us receives on this Learning Expedition will ripple out into our world in beneficial ways that far exceed our imagination)))


august 25 (Friday) - 28 (Monday)

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